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Insulation Types including Wall Insulation, Attic Insulation, External Insulation, Floor Insulation, Roof Insulation, Dry Lining, External Wall Insulation, Pipe Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation & Home InsulationWall Insulation InstallersHOME HEATING SYSTEM types we install include Boilers, Boiler Systems covering Gas Boilers, Oil Boilers, Condensing Boilers, Heating Boilers, Geothermal Heating, Solar Hot Water Heating, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Air Heat Pumps and Solar Panels.HOME HEATING CONTROLS we install cover Heating Controls such as Thermostats, Thermostatic Radiator valves, Heating Programmers, wireless heating controls and zone controls and hard wired heating control systems.Solar Panel InstallersWe install Wind Power and Wind Energy Systems including 5KW Wind Turbines, as well as 10KW and 15KW Wind Turbines. We also install Solar Photovoltaics (Solar PV) systems. Click to read more about these.

HES Cluster Scheme in IrelandIrish Greener Homes Scheme

The Greener Homes Scheme in Ireland

The Greener Homes Scheme provides grant assistance for homeowners interested in installing renewable energy technology in their home.

What Technologies are Eligible for Grant Aid?

Greener homes scheme grants will be provided to householders who invest in renewable energy based heating systems under the following categories:

• Solar heating - for space heating and/or hot water
• Heat pump - horizontal collector, vertical collector, well water or air source
• Wood Chip or Pellet stoves – with or without integral boiler
• Wood Chip or Pellet boilers
• Wood Gasification Boilers

NOTE: Product must be listed, at the date of application, on SEAI’s list of conforming equipment (available on request or online).

What Level of Funding is Available?

Solar Thermal Space and/or
Hot water heating (Evacuated Tube)

€300 per m2(to max.6m2 )

Solar Thermal Space and or Hot water heating (Flat Plate)

€250 per m2 (to max.6m2 )

Heat Pump - Horizontal ground collector


Heat Pump - Vertical ground collector


Heat Pump - Water (well) to water


Heat Pump - Air source


Wood Chip/Pellet Stove


Biomass / Wood pellet Stove with integral boiler


Wood Chip/Pellet Boiler


Wood Gasification Boiler



Grant assistance for homeowners installing renewable energy technology

Grant will cover up to 50% of outlay

Scheme restricted to existing houses only

27000 grants provided in the last 2 years

Grant Includes Solar, Biomass, Heat Pump Technologies.

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